[Abi1 2001 - 2006 Alte Webseite]James schrieb um 11:44 am Montag, 18. September 2006:


I know this guestbook is incredibly popular these days, isn't it? :P

Ok here's a little update on the anit-spam progress for y'all:

Nils & I are working on an entirely new guestbook (with Mortiz's approval) which will replace this one and...

- include a spam filter

- add some fun new features

- have a brand-new design

When it's ready we will:

- transfer all entries from this guestbook to the new one

- close this guestbook (so no new posts can be added here)

- put a message on this page pointing visitors to the location of the new guestbook

I'd love to show you all what the new one is like but it's still very much under construction so you'll need to be patient just a bit longer.